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Welcome to Black Rose Firearms

Why do you call yourselves “Black Rose Firearms”?

Black Roses are seldom seen in the wild, similar to the firearms we carry. A Black Rose can also symbolize the death of old ways, and the beginnings of a new journey. We aren’t the grumpy old men talking down to you because you aren’t familiar with guns, we treat everyone with respect to any questions you may have, no matter how basic they may be. We pride ourselves on quick responsive customer service, unique custom ideas , and mind blowing high end products that will make your friends and family envious. We are just as excited as you are about guns, and would love to speak with you.
We offer high end unique hard to get firearms and offer custom laser work including Glock stipple, engravings on firearms, knives, jewelry , car parts, yeti cups etc.
We treat everyone with respect no matter what knowledge of firearms education you have, we have an incredible inventory, friendly staff, and competitive prices.


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